The Medline Empower Rollator Review

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Another hefty walker for my #9 pick! The Medline Empower Rollator really does what it says on the box, empower you. You can use it as a walker or wheelchair which makes it versatile and economic. I like that it allows you to take control of your life again! 

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The Medline Empower Rollator

From a name you can trust to the option to use this walker as a wheelchair, the Medline Industries Empower Rollator has it all. I really like the versatility and construction of this walker. I would recommend it for those who are looking for a wheelchair/walker combo that is extra sturdy.

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Wheelchair Feature

A couple of other walkers I have reviewed can also double as a wheelchair. I really like the Medline Empower Rollator’s version. It feels extra sturdy. I love that you can use the seat as a step as well. That makes me feel even more trusting of this for safety reasons.


Comfort should be high on your priority list for a walker! With the Medline Empower Rollator you don’t have to worry about comfort. In fact, it has one of the best seats I have seen in walkers. The back and cushion are supportive yet soft.

It’s important that the seat isn’t too soft where you sink into it. If you sink down into it you could have trouble getting back up again. A firm yet comfortable seat is what you should look for.


The Medline Empower Rollator really has a great design to it. I think when Medline made this version, they had an excellent idea. The walker wheelchair combination is great. The safety features are wonderful. Finally, there a lot of customization options! Colors, cup holders, and other amenities are available.


The only negative I can find on this one is that is heavier. It can be difficult to lift up into a vehicle if you need to transport it. If you are a weak or petite patient, I don’t think this would be a good fit.

If the Medline Empower Rollator isn’t for you, take a look at my Top 10 Walkers article. There is sure to be a walker that fits your lifestyle!

The Verdict

I love the Medline Empower Rollator for someone who is not overly weak. It’s got the wheelchair combination and sturdy design plus so much more. Medline knocked it out of the park on this one!

Buy the Medline Empower Rollator on Amazon now! 


Author: Kristine Thiessen

Kristine has been interested in caring for the others since her early teen years. She started out by getting her CNA license at 16 and taking college medical related classes while still in high school. From there, she went on to nursing school where she decided needles and shots were just not for her. Changing tracts, she finished her bachelor's degree in biology with the hopes of helping others. While in college, she shadowed, worked along side, and interned with several different medical offices. After graduating, she worked in a couple of healthcare positions before settling in to managing a home health care company. This is where she found her real passion. She loved everything from the increased and lengthened independence to the one-on-one care. Seeing all the different medical fields opened her eyes to the benefits and drawbacks of different ways of helping others and treating them. Her main focus now is creating a safe environment in client's homes to help keep their independence as long as possible. Through Home Health Gear, you will find numerous articles pertaining to medical equipment you need in your home to handy gadgets to make life just a little easier for the elderly and disabled. These are accompanied by opinion pieces by Kristine and medical professionals guest posting.

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