The INVACARE CORPORATION Bariatric Rollator Review

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The Invacare Corporation Bariatric Rollator is my #8 pick for best walker. It’s made specifically for the obese patient. While some of my walkers ranked previously are hefty, this one is for the extremes. Read more on why I like the Invacare Corporation Bariatric Rollator so much!

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The Invacare Corporation Bariatric Rollator

This walker really is built for the obese patients. Yes, some other walkers can withstand a lot of weight or are very durable. However, the Invacare Corporation Bariatric Rollator takes the cake for any obese patient. It can resist an immense amount of weight, remains durable, all while keeping quality a high priority.

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Other walkers can withstand a lot of weight. Some even boast being able to take a few hundred pounds. The Invacare Coproration Bariatric Rollator can resist up to 500 pounds! That really is incredible for a walker and why I highly recommend it for any obese patient.


Taking a high amount of weight is one thing. The Invacare Corporation Bariatric Rollator also has really durable tires. I think this is very important in a walker, especially if you are dealing with an obese patient. It’s not only a safety precaution, but an efficiency solver as well.

If this walker didn’t have durable tires, I would highly doubt its effectiveness. I would imagine a tire blowing out, cracking, or flattening. These tires are geared towards handling a lot of weight and making it around your living room.


Invacare is a company I really trust. I love their products and think they do an outstanding job keeping their equipment safe, reliable, and elegantly designed. The Invacare Corporation Bariatric Rollator is no different.

They add in some extras like an extra cushioned seat and space to store your possessions. This just really tops off a great product that I would think any obese patient needing a walker will appreciate greatly.


There are complaints that the seat only has one position. So, if you want to sit down, and it’s not at a comfortable height, it can pose an issue. Also, some patients have stated the wing on the handles can be bothersome.

These seem like minor issues when you read them off a screen, but for daily use I can see it becoming a hassle. Really weigh out your pros and cons to see if this is the right walker for you. If not, check out my article, Top 10 Walkers, to find the one you are looking for.

The Verdict

The Invacare Corporation Bariatric Rollator is, without a doubt, a quality and reliable walker. I would highly recommend this walker to any obese patient. It has what you are looking for and will not let you down.

Buy the Invacare Corporation Bariatric Rollator now on Amazon! 

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