Sleepnet Ascend CPAP Mask Review

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The Sleepnet Ascend CPAP mask is my #2 pick for best CPAP mask out on the market. There are a number of factors that go into why  I chose this as my second best CPAP mask, but the main reason is the quality and comfort level it provides. 

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The Sleepnet Ascend Nasal System 

The Sleepnet Ascend has a lot of features I love in a CPAP mask. Being a nasal mask instead of a full face mask allows some advantages and differences that you may just fall in love with yourself.


One of the best parts of this mask is that is very lightweight. If you have used a CPAP mask in the past, you know why this is important. The heavier and more bulky the mask, the more difficult it is to get it adjusted well enough to be comfortable.

Not only does the lightweight advantage make this CPAP mask more comfortable, but it also makes it more ergonomic. The nasal system contours to your face without much effort. There are three sizes available to guarantee you get the best fit for your face. When you have a one size fits all, chances are, they don’t fit all.


When you think of headgear, you probably have nightmares of braces again. Now that you need headgear again, or for the first time, it’s time to find the best out there. If you have improper headgear you can cause neck issues that will stop you from using your CPAP efficiently.

The Sleepnet Ascend nasal system has an active headgear connector that enables you to get a tight seal without creating a vice grip on your face. It still creates an excellent seal but allows you to sleep more comfortably and move around without detaching. You can’t go wrong with the fit of this mask!

On the same note, one of the negative side effects of a CPAP mask can be the marks on your face. Have a big meeting in the morning? I bet you don’t want to look like you’ve had a fish on your face all night. The Sleepnet Ascend Nasal System is notorious for leaving little to no marks on your face. Start your day with confidence again!

Replaceable Cushions

I mentioned before my fondness of being able to replace the cushions easily. Now, while this can be viewed as a negative, you will have to replace the cushions in the mask at some point. However, Sleepnet Ascend Nasal System has made this simple and affordable. Consider the hygiene of your CPAP mask over the years. If you think it’s clean after using the same mask for a few years, really take the time to think about that.

Also, being able to replace your cushion is going to save you from buying extra CPAP mask cleaning supplies. While I enjoy them for the masks you don’t replace, I do think it’s an extra cost not often talked about. Getting the Sleepnet Ascend Nasal System allows you to have a clean, well sealed mask at all times.

I will mention that while this was the only negative comment I could find on this mask, most users said that it was worth the cost. It’s worth it to just replace the mask every so often to ensure you get the best use of the mask and your CPAP machine. If you aren’t using it 100%, you aren’t using it right.

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