Best Blood Glucose Monitoring System: Top 5 of 2017


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Diabetes. If you don’t have it yourself, you probably know someone who does. The first thought that crosses many people’s minds when they think of this disease, is checking your blood sugar. While there is no invention for doing it pain free, we are getting close. The best blood glucose monitoring systems make it as quick and efficient as possible to check your blood sugar and get on with your day. Continue reading “Best Blood Glucose Monitoring System: Top 5 of 2017”

How Much Is Too Much Care?

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Too much care for your elderly loved one seems like an impossible situation. However, with the amount of science and technology we have today, it actually is a possibility. It is easier than ever to test, procedure, and surgery your way through those last years of life. What do you or your loved one want? Continue reading “How Much Is Too Much Care?”

Get the Best Portable Scooter Now


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Why might you want a portable scooter? Three words- the grocery store. It seems like a weekly ritual to most of us. However, imagine not being able to get around very well. Think of those tight aisles becoming a hindrance and inconvenient at the very least. If you are like me, you end up walking a few miles in there just to get the small list of items you need. Continue reading “Get the Best Portable Scooter Now”

Why the Knee Scooter is Better Than Crutches

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Have you ever broken your foot? How about sprained your ankle? If you have, you have probably used a pair of crutches. Now whether you had to use questionable smelly crutches from the school nurse or got a brand new pair it doesn’t matter. Either way they are only fun for a little while. Luckily, now you don’t have to go through that ever again. Welcome the knee scooter! Continue reading “Why the Knee Scooter is Better Than Crutches”

The Family Caregiver– An Elusive Resource

Family Caregiver

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Baby boomers. That word is thrown around pretty regularly anymore. What do you think of when you think of the baby boomer generation? Are you thinking of your grandparents? Or is it a little closer to home- your parents? Another two words might be playing in your mind as well- family caregiver. Continue reading “The Family Caregiver– An Elusive Resource”

The Great Debate: BiPAP Machines vs CPAP Machines

Elderly Snoring

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Zzzzz has become synonymous with snoring. We all know someone that snores! As the medical field has progressed, we have found that there is more likely than not a reason behind why people snore. It’s not your spouse’s fault! Want a restful night sleep for both of you? Enter the BiPAP and CPAP machines. What’s the difference you ask? Let me tell you! Continue reading “The Great Debate: BiPAP Machines vs CPAP Machines”

Invacare Homecare Full Electric Hospital Bed Review

Elderly getting out of bed

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Are you groaning or grunting your way out of bed? Are you a caregiver with an aching back from using bad ergonomics? There is a better way! The Invacare Homecare Full Electric Hospital Bed is a solution to these issues and many, many more! From small apartments to castles, this hospital bed will help alleviate stress and increase comfort. Continue reading “Invacare Homecare Full Electric Hospital Bed Review”

Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport Scooter Review

Mobility Scooters

Are you or someone you care for looking to keep their independence? While a wheelchair is the most basic tool for getting around, it requires someone to push you. A mobility scooter is a great tool for those seeking self-care and to take their life back into their own hands.
The Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport 4-wheel Electric Travel Scooter is the best scooter for you and here is why. Continue reading “Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport Scooter Review”