The Hugo Explore Side-Fold Walker Review

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The Hugo Explore Side-Fold Walker made my #1 pick for best walker of the year with ease. It has everything and more that you need in a walker and that’s really saying something. It has all the bells and whistles while maintaining safety, durability, and efficiency. Don’t let your mobility slow you down. Read more on why the Hugo Explore Side-Fold walker is just what you need. 

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The Hugo Explore Side-Fold Rollator Walker

My #1 pick for walker was easy as pie. The Hugo Explore Side Fold Walker is, without a doubt, the best walker on the market right now. I love a lot of things about it. From the ergonomic standpoint to its ability to fit practically anyone, it won me over in a heartbeat.

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Having an ergonomically correct stance when using a walker is HUGE. Like with most medical aides, the better it fits you, the better it works. You can’t possibly get all the benefits out of a walker if it doesn’t fit you well.

The Hugo Explore Side Fold Walker is adjustable. When it comes to walkers that are adjustable, this one takes the pie. It accommodates everyone from the height of 5 feet tall to 6 feet 2 inches. That’s incredible!

That’s where ergonomics comes into play. If you can adjust for your height specifically, you are going to get way better use out of your walker. It will eliminate the back strain or even neck pain that comes from an incorrect fit.

The adjustable and ergonomic standpoint was one of my main reasons for choosing the Hugo Explore Side Fold Walker as my #1 pick. It’s ability to fit pretty much everyone really makes it a good fit for everyone.


We talked about how efficient it is, but the durability is another dimension that needs to be covered. The Hugo Explore Side Fold Walker is a heavy duty walker. That means it can take an incredible amount of weight, handle rough terrains, and maintain 100% efficiency for the duration.

It’s rugged wheels really help in the durability department. It’s wheels are extra large and tough. That means they can go on gravel, get up and down curbs, and even make it in the snow!

Light Weight

Even though the Hugo Explore Side Fold Walker is very durable, it is so lightweight. It ranks up there in durability with a 50 lb walker but weighs in only at 15.4 lbs. That’s crazy! It makes it easier to travel around town with, use in your home, and even take on long trips.


The Hugo Explore Side Fold walker has it all. One of the best comfortable seats in my opinion, durability, sleek yet sturdy structure, and safety statistics for the books.

I like that it can be classy and rugged at the same time. It can keep up with the strongest of walkers while being really easy to use. The seat has a really nice back to it so you don’t have to balance while taking a break. It also has a number of add on’s like cup holders and baskets that can customize your experience.


There was only one issue I came across with this walker. If you are a petite person, you might struggle with getting it in and out of your car. Now, I think that is a huge matter of opinion. It is 15.4 lbs. So, if you have trouble lifting that much weight, than you probably won’t be able to lift the Hugo Explore Side Fold Walker.

If the Hugo Explore Side Fold Walker isn’t for you, check out my article, “Best Walkers and Rollators for Elderly in 2017: My Top 10 Picks” now. There is bound to be a walker there for you!

The Verdict

I bet you can see why this was my #1 pick for best walker. The Hugo Explore Side Fold Walker has it all: durability, ergonomics, comfort, design, and safety. There’s not much more I can say other than this is my favorite walker.

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Author: Kristine Thiessen

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