Why the Knee Scooter is Better Than Crutches

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Have you ever broken your foot? How about sprained your ankle? If you have, you have probably used a pair of crutches. Now whether you had to use questionable smelly crutches from the school nurse or got a brand new pair it doesn’t matter. Either way they are only fun for a little while. Luckily, now you don’t have to go through that ever again. Welcome the knee scooter!

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Why do you need a knee scooter?

Knee scooters are an excellent alternative to crutches. Pretty much any injury below the knee needing crutches is suitable for this mobility device. Meaning, if you break your foot and need surgery, the knee scooter is your ticket! However, you cannot replace crutches with a scooter in every situation.

Any kind of injury stemming from the knee and up is a no go. Fractured hip? The knee scooter is not going to be the walking assistant you want. Another situation in which the knee scooter wouldn’t be ideal is if your other leg is not strong and healthy.

Knee Scooter vs. Walker

Many people debate between using a knee scooter or regular walker. There are pros and cons to both, but there are specific situations where one wins out over the other.

In order to use a knee scooter, you need to use your other leg to push yourself along. Think of a regular scooter you used when you were a kid. It is the same concept except for your other leg is bent in a kneeling position versus standing. This is perfect for someone that is strong enough to utilize the scooter.

If the person using the scooter is elderly and frail, but still able to walk with assistance, I would suggest a walker. The walker is great for more stability and slower going over all. You can see my review on the three-wheel walker if you click here.

Which knee scooter is best?

Tricky question! Like most mobility devices, there isn’t a right or wrong answer here. While there are certainly better built knee scooters than others, it all depends on what you are using it for and the person. What it boils down to is comfort for your frame and what sort of injury you are recovering from.

I have combed through knee scooters and the three I did short reviews on below seem to be the best available. I would suggest picking the scooter that works best for your build, your activity level, and your injury.

All Terrain KneeRover PRO Knee Walker

The All Terrain KneeRover PRO is by far the best choice knee walker out there right now. It is suitable for almost everyone. From someone who just needs a very, very, smooth ride to an active off-roader, this scooter has it all.

It features 12 inch pneumatic tires for indoor/outdoor use. Hell, this thing even has shocks! Need to be mobile around town? Take your All Terrain KneeRover PRO along. It has a backpack on the front for all of your personal items so you can be hands free.

While I tend to write for the elderly, I do have to say I think that would be an incredible knee scooter for a below the knee amputee of any age. It really would make getting around a dream. Utilizing crutches and wheelchairs can be exhausting, this baby just glides! It holds a weigh capacity of 400 pounds making it extremely durable as well.

If those characteristics fit you and what you are looking for, then this is the scooter for you. It really is the top of the line and is sure to make your recovery time much better. It certainly beats lying in bed all day!

Take a look at the All Terrain KneeRover PRO on Amazon now if you click here.

Small Adult Short All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Walker

Similar to the previous knee scooter, the Small Adult Short All Terrain KneeRover moves with ease and comfort. It is very versatile in that it can be used by most everyone. However, it is recommended to be used by smaller adults with its weight capacity up to 250 pounds.

It still boasts utilization both inside and outside. This mobility aide also has ergonomic grips for comfort. While it is to be used by a shorter individual, it still has all of the perks of a high quality product.

Need some extra storage space? No problem! This thing has a basket on the front to place all of your belongings so you can just enjoy yourself.

I have seen people of all ages enjoy using this type of knee scooter. It really is easy to get around from an apartment t out on the street. In fact, I have seen physicians themselves use this type of scooter to get around because it is just that much easier on your body.

You can buy the Small Adult Short All Terrain KneeRover on Amazon now if you click here.

The Delux KneeCycle

The Delux KneeCycle is extremely lightweight at 20 pounds. It folds up easily for transportation. I would suggest this scooter for those that will be traveling frequently. It would be great for travel by plane as well. With it being adjustable, you can move the pad up and down at a level for you to sit as well. A scooter and a seat! What a deal!

Even though this is a mere 20 pounds, it has a 300-pound weight capacity. Another reason to choose this scooter is the automotive style tie-rod steering mechanism. This is not available on most other knee scooters!

To buy this scooter now on Amazon click here.

This scooter is similar to the other two in that it provides a basket on front and it is for both indoor and outdoor use. It is the least expensive choice of the three scooters. In saying that, I always suggest thinking about how you will be using the product. If you are going to be using it for a short time, then this might be your best bet. However, if you are going to be using it for an extended period of time, I wouldn’t recommend this scooter.

The Verdict

I have to say that the All Terrain KneeRover PRO Knee Walker is the winner. It is a knee scooter that will work for anyone and everyone that needs this type of mobility device. You can buy it now on Amazon if you click here.

However, if it is a little too heavy duty for you, then I would suggest the Small Adult Short All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Walker. It is a little bit more compact and less aggressive of a device.

Lastly, if you are only going to use a knee scooter for a short amount of time and don’t want all the bells and whistles, I would choose the Delux KneeCycle.

At this point, I probably convinced you against the crutches. Good! Your armpits thank you in advance. Knee scooters are a fantastic alternative to crutches. Given the choice of being wheel chair bound or active while healing, I will always choose being active. Now for the real decision. Which knee scooter is right for you?

Author: Kristine Thiessen

Kristine has been interested in caring for the others since her early teen years. She started out by getting her CNA license at 16 and taking college medical related classes while still in high school. From there, she went on to nursing school where she decided needles and shots were just not for her. Changing tracts, she finished her bachelor's degree in biology with the hopes of helping others. While in college, she shadowed, worked along side, and interned with several different medical offices. After graduating, she worked in a couple of healthcare positions before settling in to managing a home health care company. This is where she found her real passion. She loved everything from the increased and lengthened independence to the one-on-one care. Seeing all the different medical fields opened her eyes to the benefits and drawbacks of different ways of helping others and treating them. Her main focus now is creating a safe environment in client's homes to help keep their independence as long as possible. Through Home Health Gear, you will find numerous articles pertaining to medical equipment you need in your home to handy gadgets to make life just a little easier for the elderly and disabled. These are accompanied by opinion pieces by Kristine and medical professionals guest posting.

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