About Us

Deciding whether you or a loved one need extra help to maintain a comfortable lifestyle can be a difficult step in life. No longer do you automatically have to assume they or you have to go to the nursing home. Luckily, home health care is on the rise and it can be a wonderful alternative to those who desire to stay in their own home.

We all have the deep desire to maintain independence. With home health care, you maintain that independence and more! Once you have decided home health care is for you or your loved one, there are a lot of steps to take.

What company do I hire? What qualifications should I focus on with caregivers? How much does it cost? Are there any programs to help with cost? What supplies and equipment will I need?

This can be a very overwhelming process. Relax. This is where Home Health Gear comes in. Home Health Gear will help you choose the best equipment and supplies for you or your loved one. It will also have relevant articles to guide you as you ask yourself these questions. We anticipate some common issues or struggles that come up and have information available on those topics.

From “Which walker is the right one for mom?” to “How do I pick the right company for dad?” we have you covered. Home Health Gear will have valuable information readily available for your reading. Home Health Gear will decrease the anxiety in this stressful time and hold your hand through this challenging process. Our goal is to make lives easier while maintaining the lifestyle you or your loved one wants and deserves.