The 3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker Review

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For my final BEST WALKER pick, the 3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker! While it comes in at #10, it made the final cut on my heavy hitter list. There are thousands of walkers out there. Why settle for anything less than the best?

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The 3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker

It only makes sense to choose a three wheel walker for my final top ten pick. The 3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker is compact, easy to travel with, and best of all affordable. It’s still a high quality walker but with none of the fuss.

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Now, some of the walkers I have reviewed have been a bit pricey. I still stand by them as solid choices, but not everyone has the budget for that caliber of walker. The 3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker is affordable. You are still getting a high quality walker, but paying less.


Some may scoff at a lower priced walker thinking it’s not a quality product. While I usually would join them in that sentiment, the Carex 3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker really does not sacrifice quality. Instead, they took out all the bells and whistles. This is just a straight forward walker!

Three Wheels vs. Four

Three wheel walkers have a few advantages over having one less wheel. They are easier to maneuver. If you are relatively stable, have good balance, and don’t heavily rely on a walker, this is going to be easier to use.

The Carex 3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker can get in and out of tight spaces very easily. It can also fold up and be stored in smaller spaces. I like this walker a lot for travel.

In fact, I would suggest buying this on top of your regular walker to bring with you while traveling. It’s going to get you around well without having to pack your hefty walker along.


There are two sides to the same coin. With all the advantages of the 3 wheel walker, you have to fit into the category of being: stable, average weight and height or less, and fairly strong. If you don’t fall in that category, this is not the walker for you.

If the 3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker isn’t for you, check out my article, Top 10 Walkers, to find the right fitting walker now.

The Verdict

My #10 pick for best walker, the 3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker, made my elite club. Within the thousands of walkers, the 3 wheels and affordability is really what sold me. I love it’s ability to get around with ease. That, and it’s price tag isn’t too shabby either.

Buy the 3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker now on Amazon! 



Author: Kristine Thiessen

Kristine has been interested in caring for the others since her early teen years. She started out by getting her CNA license at 16 and taking college medical related classes while still in high school. From there, she went on to nursing school where she decided needles and shots were just not for her. Changing tracts, she finished her bachelor's degree in biology with the hopes of helping others. While in college, she shadowed, worked along side, and interned with several different medical offices. After graduating, she worked in a couple of healthcare positions before settling in to managing a home health care company. This is where she found her real passion. She loved everything from the increased and lengthened independence to the one-on-one care. Seeing all the different medical fields opened her eyes to the benefits and drawbacks of different ways of helping others and treating them. Her main focus now is creating a safe environment in client's homes to help keep their independence as long as possible. Through Home Health Gear, you will find numerous articles pertaining to medical equipment you need in your home to handy gadgets to make life just a little easier for the elderly and disabled. These are accompanied by opinion pieces by Kristine and medical professionals guest posting.

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